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What It Is All About

My first real interest in photography I have got together with becoming a mum. Documenting my children`s life became very important (well… like for most of the parents). I realized that there is nothing more important in this world than being a parent, sharing every milestone, every moment of your little one`s life. It`s amazing to see them grow to understand that this is continues of you, and more than that – this is part of your body, your soul, your heart. Exactly this made me feel I want to capture every moment of my family`s life. What I do it is not just photos – it`s frozen memories… So different and so treasured which can live for a life time.

My photographs show the world children see and the world I see and I am very thrilled and honored to show it to you.

Right now I specialize in Pregnancy Photography Nursing Photography Newborn Photography Child Photography Family Photography Modeling Photography Portraits Romantic Photography Artistic Photography.
I am working in UK in London, Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire areas.
My preferable location is outdoors. Natural light is truly amazing and I know many beautiful and unique places around the London and south of England where your little ones will be comfortable during time of photo session. I still do studio photos though. If you are expecting mum or have a newborn baby we can always arrange photo session in the comfort of your own home.

Here are some little tips for the successful photo session.

Newborn Photography: Artistic images of newborn babies is just a dream of their parents. Remember yourself seeing for the first time these perfect little fingers? So be part of the magic. I have all skills and patience to capture beautiful, unique images of your new baby. Your newborn’s pictures are sure to become very treasured and will be enjoyed for generations to come. The best time to capture babies is first 21 days of their life. Let`s say: as earlier as better. Try to make sure your baby is fed, sleepy and happy. First part of the day is the best for the session.

Child and Family photography: Every child is unique and this is exactly what parents want to see in photos. I am mum of 3 adorable kids myself so I know how important it is to hear child, to understand what he or she wants and to capture that exact moment. I make the time of photo session very comfortable and relaxed. Children will just enjoy playing around and not looking directly into the camera unless you want good close up family portrait. This will help to create the best memories for years to remember… I provide wide range of girl`s and boy`s outfits or you can wear your own clothes. Just try to remember that plain clothes without patterns are the best. Light soft colors are preferable. I provide all kind of accessories and interior pieces but you are more than welcome to bring yours. For my Russian clients I provide national outfits.

And remember the best time of the outdoor session is sunrise and sunset!

So you can ask why choose Enchanted Photography by Olesya Jensen? The answer is simple: I know what I am doing from the beginning to the end. You will get professional and unique pictures and more with me. By the end of the day it`s not just photos – it`s frozen moments of life, unique and unforgettable. Make sure that you select a Enchanted photography by Olesya Jensen who specializes in creating beautiful, timeless, and artistic portraits for your family.


Pregnancy Photography Nursing Photography Newborn Photography Child Photography Family Photography Modeling Photography Portraits Romantic Photography Artistic Photography

London Photography Surrey Photography Berkshire Photography Hampshire Photography


Prior to photo session you will need to sign and email me documents with all terms and conditions.  Photo Sessions are about two – two and a half hours long and you have unlimited clothing changes as long as you’re within the time slot. I can suggest different locations in London or south of England but you are welcome to choose your own if it`s not very far from the above.

The base price is 150 pounds and includes:

  • before and after consultations online or over phone;
  • 2-2.5 hours indoor or outdoor photo session with unlimited amount of persons, using on demand clothes and accessories provided by me plus interior details;
  • 5 full high resolution digital photos completely edited by the artist. It will  include full printing rights to you. If you would like to get prints or canvas we can discuss  the price.

You can also get 10 photos for 180 pounds only. Any additional files will be charged 10 pounds each.

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